Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy is embedded in our vision, mission and core values. We view sustainability-related risks and opportunities as additional ways to strengthen our business and generate value for our stakeholders today and in the future.

Our Vision

“To be one of the most respected and successful companies in the world.”

To realize this vision, we insist on high ethical values and professional standards that maintain and strengthen our reputation for integrity, fairness and good science. We conduct our business with a view toward long-term environmental and social sustainability, to improve the world today and for future generations. We actively assess existing and potential environmental and social impacts in decision-making and implementation.

Our Mission

To do our part to improve the world, today and for generations to come, by using renewable resources to make products people depend on every day.

Sustainability at International Paper

Sustainability at International Paper goes beyond forests and encompasses our whole supply chain — from fiber procurement, operations and products to our communities, employees and suppliers. Engaging internal and external stakeholders in explaining our sustainability strategy helps us optimize environmental and social impacts at International Paper.

Our Core Values- “The IP Way”

Ethical behavior and personal integrity are at the core of our culture. These values extend past our employees to our suppliers, who are required to maintain the same level of ethics and integrity in their dealings with us. By honoring these principles, we do the right thing for people, communities and the environment. For a complete copy of the IP Way, click here: here.

“We’ve been practicing sustainability long before it became popular. Our employees are focused on doing the right things for the right reasons and this means we create value for all our stakeholders as well as for the natural environment.” Teri Shanahan, Vice President, Sustainability