International Paper follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework to guide its Sustainability Report. Determining materiality includes consideration of sustainability matters such as economic, environmental and social issues that affect the ability to create or erode value for stakeholders, now and in the future.

Our process for identifying material issues to include in this report follows the GRI model by noting relevant issues internally and also engaging external stakeholders in the process. To create a more comprehensive materiality analysis, we retained a third-party sustainability consultant to assist in expanding this analysis for our 2013 report. If you were one of the stakeholders who participated in the survey, thank you. We sincerely appreciate your feedback.

In general, issues related to the environment such as fiber sourcing, sustainable forestry and water use consistently scored highest in importance for stakeholders. Other related issues, such as chemical use, climate change and sustainable product innovation, ranked lower in importance in our materiality analysis. As we adapt and refine our sustainability strategy, we will continue to ask for stakeholders’ input, and respond to those concerns.

Governance & Ethics
Average scores for each category, bubble size = number of issues

Sample Feedback

External Stakeholders

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Internal Stakeholders

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