Connections that Matter

International Paper's Product Life Cycle

International Paper is strongly connected with our world. We use natural resources to make our products, and we work to make them efficiently, leaving a smaller environmental footprint over time. Our life cycle connects us with people who:

  • Work as part of our team;
  • Supply goods and services;
  • Live in our communities;
  • Buy and use our products; and
  • Help recycle and reuse our waste.


    Wood Fiber Sourcing - Fiber certification

    Forestry Management - Conservation / protecting biodiversity; Ensuring prosperity of local communities; Forest management; Carbon sequestration

Responsible Sourcing

    Procurement of Raw Materials & Other - Responsible sourcing; Managing supply chain; Engaging suppliers on sustainability


    Investment in Mills and Equipment - Ensuring prosperity of local communities — income generation, tax contribution

    Pulp & Paper Production - Energy, water, chemicals use

    Paper Products Converting - Fiber efficiency / fiber recovery

    Products Transportation - Waste generation; Ensuring health & safety of our people; Emissions, effluents, & waste management

Products & Distribution

    Investment in Facilities and Equipment - Income generation, tax contribution

    Storage & Distribution - GHG emissions during transportation

    Facilitating Product Innovation - Advancing lower waste & carbon footprint; Flexibility in meeting client demands

Recycling & End-of-life

    Investment in Recycling Facilities - Income generation, tax contribution

    Collaboration with Third Parties - Provide education on benefits of recycling; Provide clients with proof of responsible paper sourcing (chain of custody certification); Increasing recovery of OCC, paper, packaging materials — landfill diversion