The right paper for the right application

14th January 2019

Paper is one commodity which doesn't have a “one size fits all” solution. In particular, the weight of a paper plays a big part in people being able to visually differentiate between a low end and high-end document. Making a conscious decision as to which paper is used before hitting the print button can be the deciding factor in a document creating impact.

Choosing the wrong paper weight can be detrimental, particularly when looking to create that lasting first impression. Corporate presentations, marketing proposals and high colour design proofs all need to create that instant WOW factor in order to do a printed document justice.

Equally, printing draft documents that don’t require any “pizazz” on premium paper can be wasteful and expensive, and that’s why we have developed our useful Paper Selector, to ensure the right paper is chosen for the right application, every time.

As you’ll see, the Paper Selector covers a diverse range of popular printing applications and illustrates the correct paper weight to use for each, from 75 to 350gsm. It also categorises the paper weights and applications into three key groups – high volume, daily use and professional and business use.

We’ve found that by using the Paper Selector, customers find choosing the right paper a simplified process and can then make an educated decision when they buy.

Download a copy of our Paper Selector