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Supporting the great outdoors - discover National Parks Week: 22 – 29 July

24th July 2018

The festival which is organised by National Parks UK, provides a diverse range of opportunities to help you discover your local forest. From treasure trails to fun runs, mural painting to guided walks - there are plenty of activities for individuals and families happening throughout the week.

You can find your closest National Park and more details about the events here.

International Paper products are primarily made with wood fiber, and because of this our commitment to the environment naturally begins in the forest.

Did you know?

Our Vision 2020 Goals include a commitment to reducing absolute Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 20 percent and increasing purchased energy efficiency by 15 percent. (Reducing the use of purchased energy decreases GHG and other air emissions.) Furthermore, we use carbon-neutral biomass and manufacturing residuals (rather than fossil fuels) to generate nearly 75 percent of the manufacturing energy at our mills.

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