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Meet James, Western Europe Technical Services Manager

24th July 2018

How did you become involved in the high-speed inkjet reel part of the business?
JetStar™ was introduced in 2011, and I could see how quickly it was becoming a firm favourite with my customers across Western Europe. In the UK we had low brand awareness but had identified big potential for growth and development, and this was an opportunity that I wanted to be part of.

What sets JetStar™ apart from other products on the market?
The JetStar™ range is produced at our fully integrated paper mill, Saillat, in France. This means that we have full control over the end to end process, from the ingredients we include to the way it is produced. Managing the complete process means our reels are not just reliable, but they deliver incredibly consistent quality.

Continuing our commitment to quality, we work with a Colour Management Specialist who will attend customer visits alongside me, ensuring the customer gets the best result out of JetStar™ from their printing system

What does the JetStar™ range include?
We’ve now introduced JetStar™ Royal, engineered with a special surface finish to give the paper a sheen, which gives the perception of a silk coated sheet. We’ve responded to the demand we’ve seen for tinted reels and have the capability to produce up to 33 tints, should our customers require a specific tinted colour.

JetStar™ Royal delivers unparalleled printing results and is aimed at more prestigious printing applications such as direct mail and marketing materials.

What do you enjoy most about supporting the JetStar range?
I’ve been in the business for such a long time, that I understand the challenges that our customers face. I enjoy using my experience to help people, and always find delivering an end solution very rewarding.

You can contact James about the JetStar range –
Phone: 07789 922 423
You can find out more about the JetStar™ range here