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Driving better data – International Paper joins FusionPLUS

19th June 2018

FusionPLUS Data updates product descriptions, attributes, images and video content (where available) which is refreshed daily across over 1000 dealer webstores in the UK & Ireland via their software house partners including Evolution, Prima, ECI, Heart, Oasis, CommercExchange, Calidore and OP-Connect.


It’s an exciting step for International Paper in the UK & Ireland as we work to make our product portfolio more accessible, and we look forward to seeing our ranges being brought to life by providing rich content to our customers.  


Steve Bilton, Managing Director of FusionPLUS commented. “It’s great to have International Paper onboard - it's clear to see that they recognise the importance of high-quality product content, and we look forward to working with them to help ensure their brands and products are represented in the best possible light on the dealers' systems, particularly on-line".


For users of other systems, our enriched product file is available directly from us – for more information, please contact us at