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The future’s bright - the future’s ColorLok®

19th June 2018

How does it work?


During the paper-making process, a chemical additive is incorporated into the paper to “lock” pigments at the surface. Without this technology, paper acts more like a sponge, absorbing black and colour pigments deep into the paper and away from the surface.


Which papers are ColorLok® approved?

ColorLok® papers are available from a growing number of paper manufacturers and across major brands. Our full HP and PRO-DESIGN ranges are ColorLok® approved, as are Rey Copy and Rey Office.


Papers that meet the ColorLok® quality standard have been rigorously tested in all types of office printing equipment. Look for papers with the ColorLok® logo to ensure the highest performance in print quality.

Is ColorLok® Technology environmentally friendly?

Papers with ColorLok® Technology offer enhanced recyclability because the ink stays on the surface of the paper. Removing the ink from the paper is a key step in the recycling process and is made easier with ColorLok® Technology.  ColorLok® also gives outstanding results when printing with recycled papers.

Visit the ColorLock® website to find out more