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The best ideas start on paper
A focus on: the education sector

18th March 2018

Paper is so important to learning. It’s difficult to imagine a classroom without paper, even in our screen-obsessed digital age. Paper helps children develop their handwriting as well as their creativity; it lets them produce projects they can be proud of, work that can be displayed on walls, and drawings or essays that can be stored for nostalgia. Its versatility means it can be used in a thousand different ways, with the applications of paper limited only by the imagination.

An estimated 1 million sheets of paper are used by each UK school every year.*

It’s possible that paper is more important in the educational environment than anywhere else. That’s why we’ve been working to understand what’s most important to educational establishments; what they want from their paper products and what they need from their suppliers.

There are 24,281 schools in the UK, covering primary and secondary education alone**

What the sector says about paper

The education sector employees we spoke to told us that paper provides ‘indispensable support’ for their daily tasks – for them, paper is an ally and a team-mate. From the emotive descriptions they gave us, one thing is clear: paper is valuable and those working in the education sector would be lost without it.

“Without paper, we are lost.”
- education end user

When it comes to choosing paper, quality and environmental credentials are understandably high on the list. The sector uses paper for office functions, list writing, photocopies and ‘letters home’. Teachers and support staff need a range of office papers in different weights and finishes, alongside those they use in the classroom. They also need convenient packaging with reams that are easy to handle, as well as information on sustainability and tips on how they can use paper more mindfully to reduce waste and cut costs. These things will help to reinforce their already strong relationship with this essential resource.

Our aim is to give you the tools that will help you to select and supply paper products for the education sector. We’re looking at everything from packaging through to point of sales toolkits and will have some exciting developments to show you over the coming months, so watch this space!

Rey responds to many demands

The education sector customers we spoke to have given us some valuable insight into the way they use paper and the paper-related issues that are important to them. Sustainability and recycling were primary concerns, the availability of different grammages of high quality paper was also important, and there was a desire for different colours of paper for different tasks.

The Rey range provides a perfect solution to many of these demands, with Rey Adagio tinted papers perfectly complementing a selection of five different white office papers; low grammage papers for every-day use, as well as premium heavier papers for use on presentations, important letters and other ‘special occasions’.

Rey Adagio comes in 33 shades including pastels, bright colours, deep colours and fluorescents. The perfect paper for creative moments or indexing written documents, when you choose Rey Adagio from International Paper, you’ll get the best price, quality and service – made colourful.

* Figure taken from Education Executive Feb 2018
** National Statistics - Schools, pupils and their characteristics: January 2017

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