What’s in store? Discover our Vision 2020 Goals

14th February 2019

We’ve collaboratively (and voluntarily) set 12 goals aimed at improving our impact on people and the planet, and we intend to meet these by 2020. We’re delighted to announce that we are on track to hitting our targets, with the exception of solid waste, where we will be focusing our efforts further.

Goals that will benefit your business

By setting ourselves these targets, you also benefit by reaping the rewards of using a responsible supplier that focuses on continuous improvement.

Here are more detailed examples of a selection of our goals and the positive messages they bring:

Community Engagement activity

In 2017 we donated $19.3 million to charitable organisations globally. Community engagement forms part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility. Partnering with International Paper as your respected supplier brings kudos to your business.

Our 2020 goal is to measure and report on our charitable support for hunger, education, health and wellness, and disaster relief in the communities where we operate.

Recycling & Recovery

Did you know that paper recovery is one of the best, yet little-known, environmental success stories in the world?

Our 2020 goal is to increase recovery of old corrugated containers (OCC) by 15% by exploring new sources and diverting usable fibre from landfills. Our reported success so far includes a 23% increase in recovery of OCC.

Ensuring Forestland stays Forested

More than ever before consumers are actively seeking products which come from environmentally sustainable resources. Globally, we follow a certification policy and a responsible fibre procurement policy that address responsible fibre procurement and forest and fibre certification practices through recognition of credible third-party standards. These include consumer recognised certifications such as Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Our 2020 goal is to Increase third-party certified fibre by 35%, and so far, we are pleased to report that we have seen a 34% increase in certified fiber volume.

We hope that this has given you an insight into International Paper and our vision for the future. If you have any questions, please get in touch with your Account Manager who will be more than happy to help.