How ‘going green’ can benefit your business

26th March 2019

‘Going green’ can undoubtedly attract more customers to your business. Here are some of the ways in which International Paper supports your business as a supplier with solid green credentials.

As you’ve seen, we’ve recently been recognised as one of the 2019 world’s most ethical companies.

Sustainable forestry is the foundation of our business. 100% of our fibre comes from responsibly managed forests.

Our 2020 goal looks to reduce manufacturing waste to landfills by 30% and ultimately to zero.

There are many steps that businesses can take to become more environmentally conscious, one of the most popular ways being recycling. Here are some ideas to implement within your business:

It’s the most obvious, but can also be the most overlooked. Encourage your team to recycle paper and paper related products by using recycling bins around the office, and remember, card, coloured paper, newspaper, catalogues and magazines can also be recycled and turned into valuable new products.

Don’t dump electricals
Recycling old computers and I.T equipment can leave people in a quandary. Websites such as this one can give helpful advice -

Buy green
Demonstrate your green credentials by choosing products which are environmentally friendly. Paper is an easy choice with our ranges offering FSC®, PEFC and EU Ecolabel certifications.

To find out more about how we can support your business through our commitment to sustainability get in touch with your IP Account Manager.

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