Sustainability is integral to International Paper’s vision of becoming one of the best and most respected companies in the world. As the world’s largest user of wood fiber, our story begins in the forest and extends across the entire life cycle of our products. Sustainability touches every aspect of our business, from our employees and communities to our supply chain and manufacturing processes. We continuously strive to improve our efficiency and shrink our environmental footprint. To that end, we created a set of 12 voluntary sustainability goals that address water use and quality, fiber certification, employee safety, community involvement, solid waste, fiber efficiency, greenhouse gas and air emissions, energy efficiency, recycling and supply chain. Through our 58,000 dedicated team members worldwide, International Paper will continue to focus on generating deliberate, continuous and sustainable improvement, and applying what we learn across every area of the company.

Globally, International Paper’s sustainability efforts continue to evolve. Through a continuous review process, we identify opportunities that make us better; better at improving our environmental footprint, better at supporting the communities where we live and operate and better at ensuring the safety of our employees.

Our initiatives also support our customers and our shareholders by improving our financial performance and mitigating risk; that’s good for everyone.

In 2014 our work with internal and external stakeholders led us to focus on six key sustainability areas: safety, forests and ecosystem services, water use in our operations, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions, ethics and compliance, and improving stakeholder engagement. This focused list is far-from-exhaustive, but it represents issues IP will focus upon to continuously improve and maintain our leadership position.

  • Safety. International Paper is an industry leader in safety, but until we are injury-free, we will not be satisfied. Our initiatives, LIFE and safety leadership, will drive us to our injury-free goal.
  • Forest stewardship. Globally, International Paper is a leader in this area. The demand for 71 million tons of wood we use to make our products creates incentives for landowners to replant and care for their land. International Paper provides an economic incentive to keep 30 million acres of land forested globally.
  • Water use. Having mapped our global paper mill water use, we are working to develop site specific plans at priority facilities that address additional efficiencies around water reuse and potential reduction.
  • Energy efficiency and greenhouse gases. International Paper continues to make steady progress toward our goal to reduce the amount of purchased fossil fuel energy we use and therefore significantly decrease our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). In 2014 our energy efficiency increase of 6.1% resulted in part in a 8.3% decrease in our overall GHG emissions.
  • Ethics and compliance. As International Paper continues to expand globally, we stay committed to implement and strengthen our ethics programs everywhere we operate.
  • Stakeholder engagement. We believe engaging with our key stakeholders, in a consistent and meaningful way, is critical to understanding their needs and achieving success across our value-chain.

For the past 117 years, we have been a company rooted in values and growing with purpose. That commitment hasn’t changed. At International Paper we believe that "Sustainability is In Our Nature." To learn more about what we are doing in this area, please visit