Throughout our businesses and across the globe, International Paper has developed a wide range of tools, programs, technology, and products designed to bring us closer to our customers, meet demanding and specific needs, and forge exceptionally strong partnerships. In doing so, we strive to set new standards in customer engagement and collaboration. Whether we are helping our customers ship fruit securely and cost-effectively, or working with our office product distributors and retailers to better manage their inventory, marketing and supply chain, International Paper dedicates people, expertise and resources to the daily challenges faced by our customers everywhere.

Every day our customers face complex challenges—some determine the difference between success and failure in a tough competitive landscape. At International Paper, our success is linked to our customers’ success.


Challenge: Our customers in the produce industry told us they needed more secure, efficient, printable packaging that provided exceptional protection to their products.

Solution: SecureStack®, a revolutionary family of packaging products that allows for increased storage time, reduced product damage and simplified packaging. Available in a variety of styles, SecureStack allows customers to match a specific box with the level and type of required protection. The new design features superior pallet stability, optimal cushioning and a high level of printability that allows for its use as either attractive primary or secondary packaging.

Challenge: Worldwide demand soars for absorbent hygiene products requiring soft and absorbent fluff pulp.

Solution: Leveraging the unique characteristics of southern U.S. softwood—distinctive for its absorbent properties—IP has invested more than $175 million over the past 10 years to expand its fluff pulp production. With more than 80 percent of the demand for fluff pulp located outside North America, IP uses its global resource footprint to provide customers with local expertise and solutions.

Challenge: With sales of cut-size paper essentially flat in a key overseas market, a European office products supplier is looking for new ways to grow sales.

Solution: International Paper puts together several cross-functional teams focused on optimizing its supply chain and inventory control, and also develops a training program to better acquaint the customer’s sales force with IP’s product line. The result: The EMEA region’s paper business increased its cut-size paper sales to the customer by 30 percent and achieved an eight percent growth in value added/high end products in 2014.

Challenge: How is IP leveraging technology to connect with consumers and customers?

Solution: Print Hammermill™, a free mobile print app developed by IP’s Hammermill Brand, allows documents to be printed from any mobile device or tablet to any WiFi printer. Since it launched last year, the highly-rated app has been downloaded more than 275,000 times and has been used to generate more than three million print sessions. IP also introduced a mobile app of their paper stock source book, allowing customers to view IP’s broad breadth of paper stock items. In Brazil, IP has built an online community of more than 100,000 fans around a common love of paper through its “Adoro Papel” (I Love Paper) blog and Facebook page.


International Paper’s fast-growing foodservice business, whose primary products include hot and cold cups, lids, and food containers, supports winning brands across key markets including quick-serve restaurants, theaters, hospitality, vending, supermarkets and convenience stores. We continue to grow and strengthen solid supply relationships with some of the best known names in the industry.

Our vertical integration—from coated paperboard to printing, fabrication, and delivery—assures continuity of supply, consistent quality and a wide variety of product offerings. If you buy coffee to go, chances are you’ll be heading off with one of our Hold&Go® insulated paper hot cups. Some of our customers also use our compostable ecotainer® cups, made from fully renewable resources.

In Brazil, where IP’s cut-size copy paper, Chamex® brand enjoys unprecedented brand recognition, International Paper provides full market studies to merchants, office supply stores and distributors to improve sales, segmentation and inventory management.