The Power of Paper

Paper is the foundation for learning and creativity. Paper is critical to workplace productivity.
And paper is environmentally sustainable. You should be raring to write, desperate to read and  not feel guilty to print!

We hope you will agree with the following three statements:

The future is plural: paper and digital both have their place and should continue to co-exist peacefully alongside each other

Paper is still the backbone of education and boosts our creativity. Through reading, we learn to absorb, assimilate and comprehend information and ideas. Through writing, we learn our letters and how to write a story or compose an argument. Through drawing, we have the ultimate platform for creative thinking. And it all happens better with paper.

Paper is worth it: paper contributes hugely to the productivity and effectiveness at workplace. There is something reassuringly tangible about paper. It remains the most effective way of communicating and assimilating ideas.