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Hammermill Makes Your Work Look Better

Hammermill is specifically engineered to make everything you print look amazing.


From homework assignments to color pictures at home. From high-volume copies to color presentations at work. From professional grade prints to color-bursting images, Hammermill is the brand that millions trust to deliver amazing print quality.


Hammermill is designed to deliver this stunning print quality from both inkjet and laser printers alike.


Hammermill papers harness the technology of laser printing by creating a super-smooth surface and vivid brightness to make all your documents and images pop.


Many Hammermill papers also contain Colorlok technology that enhances inkjet printing to almost laser-like quality.


ColorLok technology produces more vivid colors, bolder blacks and simply superior printing results. This special engineering actually causes the ink to absorb more deeply into the paper while holding pigment close to the surface and causing the ink to dry faster. The result is that your prints look better, your work looks sharper and you look smarter.


Hammermill paper is designed to make your work look better. And when your work looks better, you look better.

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