We all know paper is made from trees, and trees come from forests. But let’s be more specific. Which forests? If your paper comes from the right forests, you can be part of a sustainable solution that benefits people and nature alike

Buying paper we can feel good about.

If you care about the environment and want future generations to have the same opportunities that we have, you support sustainability. You want products that are made in a way that can be sustained indefinitely without doing harm. You want paper that comes from a company that ensures forestlands are managed responsibly. Better yet, you want paper that is third-party certified.

But not all paper is certified sustainable. In fact, less than 10 percent of the world’s forests are third-party certified. That seemingly puts a lot of demand on a relatively small resource. Fortunately, if we broaden our understanding of the paper industry as a whole, and paper certification in particular, we’ll find that it isn’t that hard to buy paper we can feel good about.


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Don’t get hung up on one certification system. Multiple routes to certification have led to improved standards and more options for obtaining certified products. This availability keeps costs down. All third-party certifications are helping to ensure that more and more forests are being properly managed for the future.

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