Building Strategic Partnerships

Who's on board?

No one group, company or effort can realize widespread sustainability by themselves. It takes multiple partners, all working together to make a real impact.

That's why International Paper has forged relationships with a broad range of environmental, academic and governmental organizations to find innovative ways to encourage environmental stewardship.

Some of these partners include the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Forest Stewardship Council, The Nature Conservancy, The Conservation Fund, and World Wildlife Federation among others.

As we progress, International Paper will continue to seek like-minded organizations and government agencies to advance our environmental goals.

What valuable, ecological benefits do we protect by economically supporting privately owned working forests?

A) 53% of U.S. fresh water supply
B) Habitat for nearly 60% of "at-risk" plants and animals in the continental U.S.

Not only both of the above, but also scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. Actually, if you only think about saving trees, you might literally be endangering the forests that provide all of us with fresh air and clean water.

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