Reducing our Environmental Footprint

Discover how your use of corrugated packaging reduces your environmental footprint.

International Paper has a long history of setting and meeting sustainability goals which we believe is essential to effective sustainability management. We meet nearly 70% of our global energy requirements with renewable biomass, a waste product from processes of the paperboard industry, which is self-generated and carbon neutral. Although we use a lot of water, we consume very little and have reduced our water use by 8% since 2010. Find out more about our new voluntary goals here.

Innovative packaging design allows for the removal of unnecessary packaging and less sustainable materials while delivering value to suppliers, retailers, and end-users. Performance-based and light weight papers allow our design team to "right-size" or minimize material requirements without compromising strength and performance.

What percentage of the U.S. renewable biomass energy is generated by the forest products industry?

A) 77%
B) 53%
C) 39%

The forest products industry generates 77% percent of all U.S. renewable biomass energy, making it the nation's largest industrial renewable energy producer. That exceeds the total of all the nation's solar, wind and geothermal energy generation combined.

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