Accent® Opaque


Everyone who is anyone will be seen on Accent Opaque Cover this year — and for years to come — with runway-worthy printing and the color reproduction you crave. Printers and designers in the know won't be caught dead on anything else.

  • Benefits

  • Features

  • Specs

  • Smooth, level printing surface for proper ink holdout and quick drying
  • The strength necessary for easy folding, scoring, die-cutting and perforating
  • Use Super Smooth finish for near matte print fidelity, Smooth finish for good ink holdout especially on halftones and duotones, and Vellum for when the job calls for a more velvety finish
  • High brightness and preferred Blue-White shade provide excellent print contrast
  • 4 basis weights (65, 80, 100, 120 lb.)
  • 3 finishes (Smooth, Super Smooth and Vellum)
  • 2 whites (96 brightness, enhanced whiteness White and Warm White)
  • Coordinates with Accent Opaque Text
  • Guaranteed to run on equipment that accepts cover weight papers
  • 10-30% recycled Accent Opaque available on a making basis
  • Acid-free for added archival quality that extends the life of the document

*We guarantee these products to run on equipment that accepts cover weight papers (except when the basis weight exceeds the equipment's recommended maximum), or International Paper will replace the paper or offer a refund up to the total paper purchase price.