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Making a Difference One Cup at a Time®

International Paper's ecotainer® product line offers an environmentally responsible option for all your foodservice packaging needs.  All materials used to produce our ecotainer® cups, lids and containers are sourced from fully renewable resources.  The trees used to make the paper come from forests that are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®).  The lids and coating on the paper are made from the same plant-based biopolymer, making this a fully commercially compostable product line in most composting facilities where they exist.  By composting ecotainer® packaging, you and your customers can get involved in helping to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills.  To learn more about our ecotainer® packaging and certifications, click here.

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ecotainer® Hot Cups

International Paper's ecotainer® hot cups are available in several popular sizes, ranging from 4oz to 20oz.  Most ecotainer hot cup sizes share a common lid to minimize the number of SKUs that an operator will need to carry.  This product is stocked in our signature leaf design, and can also be ordered in Carte Blanc® or a custom print.

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ecotainer® Cold Cups

ecotainer® cold cups and lids share the look and performance of a standard paper package, but use plant-based biopolymer materials.  Our ecotainer cold cup designs come in vibrant colors with the ecotainer and commercially compostable logos to clearly communicate to consumers that the package is commercially compostable.

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ecotainer® Food Containers

Our ecotainer® food containers are ideal for operators looking for a commercially compostable solution to compliment their ecotainer beverage cups.  This package is available in the ecotainer® leaf design or can be custom printed with your logo or message for consumers to see.  This product can be used for both hot and cold food types.

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