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Kraft Paper Bags: The Natural Choice

International Paper offers a broad line of Kraft paper bags – from small bags to large handle sacks. Our business' long and proud history has led to our reputation for great quality, service and reliability. You can count on us.

The complimentary use of renewable trees and recovered fiber make paper bags one of the most sustainable products in the world.


  • Made from trees which are re-planted and re-grown.  There are more tress now than there were 100 years ago.
  • Using certified paper bags is contributing to sustainability, protecting wildlife habitat and protecting endangered forests. Look for certification from a third party source, such as SFI or FSC.


  • A paper bag will decompose and pose no threat to wildlife or the environment.
  • Paper bags are ideal as a container to hold compostable waste. 


  • Recycling is an important part of fostering a sustainable planet.
  • Over half of all paper in the United States is recovered for recycling.


  • Paper bags are reusable for future visits to your grocery store.
  • Paper bags can be used for recycling containers, book covers, craft projects, picnics and many other uses outside of the grocery store.

Paper bags are great for marketing

  • Get your message out -  we can add colorful graphics to any bag in our product line in order to convey your creative advertising message.

Paper grocery bags are durable and easy to use

  • Grocery sacks hold up to 20 pounds of groceries and stand upright, so groceries will not roll all over your car.
  • Handles make the sacks easy to carry.
  • Grocery sacks are made of at least 40% recycled materials.

All our bags and sacks can be made of white, kraft, or specialty papers and custom print to fit your needs.  Our product line includes:

  • Handle sacks in both tall size and the hard-to-find shorter style
  • Carry sacks and bags ranging from small lunch-size bags to tall grocery sacks
  • Merchandise bags in varying widths and heights, including sizes for items such as wine and bread
  • Folded advertising bags serves as the ideal billboard to advertise your special promotions

Our surveys show that supply costs can be reduced dramatically through effective front-end training programs. International Paper offers customized training programs for your front-end personnel that include videos, posters and hands-on assistance.


  • Select the best bags for the load. Never use the handles to open bags. Leave handles down until bag is filled. There's no need to double bag.
  • Pack similar items together, heavy stuff on the bottom and boxes on the sides.
  • Put wet items in separate bags with glass spaced apart in the center.
  • Place crushables on top, then pull handles straight up. Don't bag large items with handles.

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