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A Hot Cup for Every Blend

Paper hot cups from International Paper meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Certified Sourcing and Chain-of-Custody standards, ensuring that responsible forestry practices are followed.  All of our single-use hot cups use high-quality cupstock with a poly-coating on the inside, giving our products the protection needed to hold on-the-go beverages.

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Standard Hot Cups

Our standard hot cups are offered in a variety of sizes to suit multiple drink types, from a 4oz espresso to a 24oz large coffee.  Standard hot cups can be custom printed so consumers can carry your logo with them on-the-go.  This product line is also available in several stock designs.

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Vending Hot Cups

Our vending cup is designed to the specifications of standard vending machines that control the amount of a hot beverage being dispensed to the consumer.  This product line is stocked in the Champagne, SoHo® and Wildcard designs.

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Hold&Go Insulated Hot Cups

The Hold&Go® insulated paper hot cup uses a patent-pending Thermashield technology that delivers excellent insulating performance.  Hold&Go® is a diverse product that meets varying operator needs, from marketing premium hot beverages to improving drive-thru efficiency time.  Read more... 

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PCF Hot Cups

Made with a minimum of 10% post-consumer recycled fiber, our PCF cup is ideal for customers looking for a product that helps communicate their commitment to the environment.  This product line is FDA compliant and uses SFI® certified fiber.

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Individually Wrapped Cups

Individually wrapped cups are a sealed, sanitary solution for self-service beverages.  The clear, plastic wrap allows the consumer to see a printed message or brand on the inside cup.  Stock designs include Carte Blanc® and ecotainer®.

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Cup Buddy Sleeves

Holding hot drinks can be difficult without a sleeve.  The Cup Buddy® has a patent-pending embossed design to help consumers hold onto their beverage with ease.  Printed or unprinted, the Cup Buddy® is the perfect complement to your hot paper cup.

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Cup Carriers

Carrying multiple drinks at one time is made easy using a cup carrier with handle.  Available in two and four drink carriers, this drink accessory is easy to assemble in seconds and can be stored flat to save space behind the counter.

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