Industrial Packaging Products


Tri-WallTM can help with your heavy-duty bulk packaging needs, regardless of what industry you are in, the product you package, or where in North America you are located.  

Supported by state-of-the-art design and testing facilities, our engineers will work closely with you to create the most effective solution.

Tri-Wall is the leader in triplewall, heavy-duty doublewall, and laminated corrugated packaging.

Triplewall - Four flat facings of liner with three interleaved and glued corrugated mediums. 

  • Doublewall - Three flat facings of liner with two interleaved and glued corrugated mediums.
  • Laminated - Two or three sheets of corrugated board (triplewall or doublewall) glued together to form a thicker structure. 

Notchfold Score

The unique notchfold score, which is a special 45 degree groove cut into the top two layers of the triplewall board, permits the panels to be easily folded to a perfect 90 degree corner.   Ideal for oversized items, Notchfold Paks replace the 20-foot long wire bound wooden boxes for pipes, rods, conduits, and tubing.


The exclusive EZ Score has a strip of single face removed on the flange making setup easier.  The patented EZ Score provides both strength and easy assembly.  The technology may help offset repetitive motion strain on workers because assemblers are only folding doublewall.  

 From watermelon and produce bins to protection for vinyl siding and garage doors, Tri-Wall has a solution for your packaging needs.

  Automotive & Aircraft Parts

  Transportation Equipment

   Fabricated & Primary Metals

 Industrial & Commercial Machinery

  Agriculture & Processed Foods

Plastic Products

  Information Technology

  Hazardous Waste

Tri-Wall is the creator of AAA triplewall and one of the few with AAA flute.  Tri-Wall in Butler, Indiana was founded in 1955 and purchased in 1984 by Weyerhauser Company. Tri-Wall was acquired by International Paper in 2008.  The Butler plant expanded in 1992 and again in 1994 to meet the growing demands of shipping worldwide.  The Exeter, CA plant opened in 2001 and has had some major expansions including a corrugator installation completed in 2007.

Both plants are dedicated to triplewall, heavy duty doublewall and laminated bulk corrugated packaging.  Tri-Wall has a recognized brand name in the industry, systems to provide the best quality and service, personnel to provide support and training, and the commitment and capability to be the preferred market leader in North America.