Paper Products

Serious Paper, a premium sheet at an economical price.

When you specify Accent Opaque, you get a premium surface at an economical price, with enhanced whiteness and 97 brightness (to hold colors true and keep blacks bold). Know you're being responsible when specifying Accent Opaque products, which have earned third-party certifications including SFI®, FSC® and PEFC.

  • Digital Portfolio

    Our full complement of digital options to fit almost any printing application.

  • Accent Opaque RE-30

    30% post consumer fiber, 100% awesome. RE-30 gives you and your customers more options where using recycled content is required or preferred.

  • Envelope

    Accent Opaque converts beautifully into envelopes. Contact your International Paper distributor for information on locally stocked envelopes.

  • Sustainability

    From forestry stewardship and product innovation to education and social responsibility, learn more about International Paper's commitment to sustainability.

  • Did You Know

    Did - you - know - Let our knowledgeable sales and marketing teams keep you informed with helpful tips regarding paper and current industry information.