The IP Way

2014 Sustainability Report

For more than 117 years, International Paper’s commitment to the highest ethical and sustainable business standards is guided by The IP Way: do the right things, in the right way, for the right reasons.

As a global manufacturer operating in more than 24 countries, natural resources are crucial to our supply chain. This is why we are continuously working to improve all aspects of our value chain, especially sourcing of wood fiber, water use, and energy efficiency.

We created 12 voluntary sustainability goals to measure our performance with specific targets set for 2020, and we continue to work with internal and external stakeholders to identify key issues that are material to our global operations. This process led to an update of our sustainability strategy in 2014 which prioritized six key areas:

  • Safety: Eliminating fatalities and injuries in our workplace is our highest priority. Our Life-Changing Injury and Fatality Elimination (LIFE) safety program has reduced life-impacting injuries by 68 percent since its inception.
  • Water Use: Recognizing the growing importance of global water usage, we’ve mapped all 41 of our mills based on water-related risk to help identify water conservation opportunities.
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions: Since 2010 we have reduced GHGs by 8.3 percent and improved energy efficiency by 6.1 percent.
  • Forest Stewardship: Since 2010 we have increased our certified fiber by almost 28 percent and will continue to strive toward our goal of a 35 percent increase by 2020.
  • Ethics and Compliance:  In 2014 we expanded the number of suppliers trained in our Supplier Code of Conduct and obtained commitments of compliance from the vast majority of suppliers.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: By engaging our stakeholders we are building trust and credibility to create advocates for our great company.

To learn more about these six key areas, our 12 sustainability goals and to read the stories that represent IP’s diverse efforts around the world to meet our objectives, click here to download International Paper's 2014 Sustainability Year in Review - - In Our Nature

After reading the report, we hope you will see why we believe sustainability is simply In Our Nature.