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2012 Sustainability Report

International Paper’s 2012 Sustainability Report highlights the company’s strong sustainability commitment across every aspect of its operations, and its progress toward meeting 12 voluntary sustainability goals by 2020.

Click here to view the 2012 online Sustainability Report. 


This report covers International Paper's sustainability performance for calendar year 2012. Among other updates, it captures our first annual progress report since publishing our 12 voluntary 2020 sustainability goals in our 2011 report.

Using a 2010 baseline, the company is reporting goal progress that includes:

• A 10 percent absolute reduction in on-site fossil fuel GHG emissions. This puts the company halfway toward its 2020 goal.

• A 15 percent reduction in criteria pollutant emissions through energy savings and fuel mix changes. This significant reduction exceeds the company’s overall 2020 reduction target.

• Achieving a 27 percent reduction in oxygen depleting substances in water released from mill operations, which exceeds the company’s 2020 water quality goal.

• Boosting purchases of third party certified fiber by 18 percent, exceeding IP’s 15 percent goal for 2020.

• A 30 percent drop in life-changing injuries and fatalities between 2010 and 2012 as IP strives for an accident-free workplace.
The full report details the company’s goal progress and opportunities in all 12 focus areas and highlights sustainability case studies and partnerships from around the world.

Click here to view International Paper’s 2012 online Sustainability Report.

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