The IP Way


Safety is a core value at International Paper.


 In line with our ambitious goal of creating an accident-free workplace, we have recently supplemented our company-wide focus on workplace safety with our Life-changing Injury and Fatality Elimination (LIFE) initiative.   



Life- Changing Injury and Fatality Elimination (LIFE)


2012 marked the third year of the LIFE initiative, which focuses on eliminating fatalities and serious injuries. We define a LIFE incident as a fatality or a serious injury such as a concussion, fracture, serious burn or amputation. Our LIFE initiative involves the evaluation and elimination of hazards. Project teams utilize our company’s manufacturing excellence tools, communications efforts, LIFE case investigations, employee engagement, training, and education to improve workplace safety. LIFE is designed to make everyone in the company - from the leadership level down to operating personnel - aware of the risks of serious injury. 


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