The IP Way


International Paper is the largest user of wood fiber in the world. We rely on a healthy, ongoing supply of wood through the careful management practices of our wood suppliers, and we also benefit from a supply of fiber that has been recovered.

In the United States, International Paper recovers, processes, or facilitates the sale of more than 6 million tons of recovered fiber each year, making us one of the larger recyclers of paper in the country. We are proud of our recycling record but want to improve it.

We have set a 2020 goal to increase recovery of Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) – often known as used cardboard boxes - by 15 percent. In 2012, we put strategies in place to boost recovery rates by building out our internal capacity, working with suppliers, and acquiring new sources of materials for recovery. The positive effects of such efforts will extend beyond cardboard box recovery rates, helping us to divert additional types of paper and packaging materials from landfill.

Additional benefits include:
• Extending the useful life of fiber
• Prolonging landfill life
• Eliminating methane, a potent greenhouse gas generated when paper degrades in an oxygen-deprived landfill environment
• Providing fiber to countries that do not have sustainable sources of domestic wood.

Click here to learn more about International Paper's recycling goals and our progress toward achieving them.