Learning Center

We hope you enjoy exploring International Paper's educational materials. They were designed to help our young people learn the importance of good environmental stewardship. We hope it's an educational and worthwhile visit for you.

  • Download a .pdf of the Life of the Forest Posters

    Students can learn about responsible forest practices.Make the most of learning with our helpful resources.

  • Papermaking, Box making and Recycling

    Over time, the process has been perfected to increase efficiency and make a better, stronger paper. Learn more about the modern Papermaking Processes.

  • FREE Teacher Curriculum Resources

    From Project Learning Tree’s The Lorax Curriculum to PBS Kids ECOinvestigators, you have access to FREE teacher curriculum resources.

  • Meet a Tree Farmer

    Meet families that manage their forestlands to provide for their family, protect the community and promote biodiversity.

  • When you Go Paper, you Grow Trees

    An awareness campaign that gives consumers the facts on how using paper products makes a direct contribution to the health and growth of trees and the forests.

  • Down to Earth­™ Series

    A series of thought provoking educational pieces that help to better understand complex environmental topics.

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