Eastover Mill

International Paper’s Eastover mill is one of the most technologically advanced pulp and paper mills in the world and the lowest cost producers of uncoated freesheet in North America.  A state of the art facility, the Eastover mill is a showplace for International Paper and the industry. The mill’s status is achieved not only through the technological systems, but also through the mill’s philosophy which focuses on our company’s Key Drivers - People, Customers and Operational Excellence. Our focus is demonstrated through our commitments: safety for our employees and community, to operate in harmony with the environment, to be a good corporate neighbor, to maintain a high level of employee involvement through self-directed work teams, and to produce a quality product in a safe and efficient manner.

The Eastover mill is committed to remaining a safe, world-class facility that is respectful of environmental compliance and performance. The Eastover mill is proud to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), Sustainable Forest Initiative® (SFI) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) chain-of-custody standards, which maps our fiber supply chain from the forest to the consumer and allows us to demonstrate accountability to our customers every step of the process.
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Each year through the International Paper Foundation and local mill contributions, the Eastover mill donates over $60,000 to the local community to support schools and non-profit organizations providing services to the local residents.  The mill also co-sponsors the South Carolina's Department of Health & Environmental Control's Champions of the Environment – an environmental educational program. We are proud of our environmental achievements and are members of the South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program. The Eastover mill was recently honored with a Corporate Responsibility award from the South Carolina Manufacturers Association.  
Another source of pride for International Paper is Kensington Mansion, is an architectural and historical treasure, located on mill’s property.  Along with the purchase of the land for the mill in 1980, International Paper acquired the Kensington Mansion, an ante-bellum home completed in 1854 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.  During the mill’s permitting process, International Paper committed to rehabilitate Kensington Mansion to its former glory and invested over three-quarters of a million dollars to the preservation project.  Kensington is now furnished through the possessions of the Scarborough-Hamer Foundation and continues to be used for historical tours.  Since public tours began in 1984, over 20,000 people have toured Kensington as the guests of the International Paper employees who conduct the tours. 

The Eastover mill operates two paper machines and one pulp machine and generates its own electricity and provides pulp to operate two paper machines and one pulp machine seven days a week, twenty four hours per day. A mixture of hardwoods and pine is processed to manufacture the end product.

About 53 percent of the mill’s paper is sold directly to manufacturers who convert it into products such as envelopes, computer paper and business forms. The remainder, primarily printing and business papers, is sold to distributors and consumers through retail outlets. These distributors supply commercial printers, book publishers, offices, home users, and organizations with in-house printing capabilities.

SFIS Procurement
ISO 14001
SFI Chain of Custody
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