In front of the customer every day.
What's the greatest challenge we face?  Being responsive to the needs of our customers while still looking forward.  That's where Sales takes the lead.  In today's competitive business environment, customers increasingly depend on our sales and marketing team members as business consultants. IP's sales and marketing professionals understand their needs and offer solutions each and every day.

The day you join our team, the growth curve begins.  Whether you aspire to go into sales, customer service or marketing, your role will be to build strong, lasting relationships with customers.  With time and experience, you'll know our markets and our customers so well that you can identify opportunities early - giving us a clear, competitive advantage.

Sales Development Program 

This program combines formal course work at the corporate level with business-specific training.  During the first two years of your career, you will participate in courses that may include:

  • Versatile salesperson
  • Professional selling skills
  • Dimensions of professional selling
  • Successful sales communication

You'll also have a chance to learn within individual business groups, gaining a thorough understanding of product characteristics and uses, production operations, customer service, order entry procedures and credit policies.  In addition to business operations, you will learn about the business environment, customer products and operations, and partnerships.  With ample training and development opportunities available to you, the possibilities are endless.

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