Infinite Possibilities


What if?
What if in a few years you want to do something a bit different with your career?  International Paper still has opportunities for you.  You may choose to start as a chemical engineer and do that your entire life.  Or you may start in engineering, develop management skills, and move into managing a crew at a mill.  A few years later, you may want to move into a role where you use your technical expertise to interact with customers or manage a larger piece of the process.  Infinite possibilities exist for those who seek them.

Careers in Mill Manufacturing
What if you could develop as an engineer in a manufacturing career where your work touches lives?

With more than 150 International Paper manufacturing facilities around the world, IP offers infinite opportunities for you to do just that. Each facility produces a variety of products that touch people’s lives every day -- things like envelopes, printing and copy papers, cups and food containers at fast food restaurants, packaging for consumer products like DVDs or cosmetics, produce containers at grocery stores, cartons for frozen foods and more. 
REACH: Recruit --> Engage --> Align College Hires

Our Mill Manufacturing opportunities may be just the right fit for you. REACH, our college recruiting and training & development program for mill engineers, allows you to start your career in a value-adding position in a U.S. paper mill. It provides several key benefits to you as new engineers and to International Paper:

  • Cross-functional development
  • Networking opportunities with peers and industry-experts
  • Source of future managers and leaders

Careers in Packaging Manufacturing
How did we become a leading supplier of corrugated containers, bulk bins, trays and other corrugated packaging?  It starts with a team who thinks beyond the box.  Our customers know that they can count on us for superior corrugated packaging solutions and services at the lowest total cost.  We are proud of our heritage as a leading packaging supplier but we are also leading in exciting changes within the global packaging industry.  Who's going to get us there?  Bright, capable people, who embrace change, make decisions quickly, lead people effectively, and are driven to achieve results.
Packaging Manufacturing Trainee Program
This one-year program of technical training, mentoring and hands-on experiences is designed for the highly motivated individual who seeks a career in manufacturing management.  Upon completion, you'll be ready to make a difference at one of our facilities.  What will you do in the program?  You'll facilitate manufacturing process improvements, install and start-up new equipment and even serve as "fill-in" supervisor on shift.


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