The Premier Recycler

International Paper is one of North America’s largest recyclers of recovered office paper and corrugated boxes with 20 recycling facilities across North America, 15 containerboard mills and a significant national brokerage system. International Paper collects, consumes, and markets more than 6 million tons (or approximately 10%) of all paper recovered annually in the United States. International Paper collects and processes this recovered paper at our own plants as well as purchase recovered paper from outside sources. The recovered paper is then used by our mills to create new paper products or is sold to other manufacturers across the globe.

  • Recycling Overview

    Because of our efforts, International Paper is recognized internationally for the consistent supply of quality recycling products and services.

  • Recycling Services

    International Paper's recycling offers a broad range of services.

  • Finished Goods

    International Paper collects and sorts over 50 different grades of recovered paper.

  • Sustainability

    It is our passion and commitment to deliver the products our customers want while ensuring responsible stewardship of natural resources today and for generations to come.