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International Paper’s Industrial Packaging business is comprised of converting plants, containerboard mills, recycling centers and support facilities, strategically located throughout the United States, Mexico and Latin America. These facilities are part of a global supply chain network, integrated to service customers in all market segments. When customers source corrugated containers, displays, bulk packaging, bags, and specialty packaging products from International Paper's Industrial Packaging converting facilities, they receive prompt, reliable service, and proven quality from an industry leader with full-service plants equipped to deliver consistent products. Industrial Packaging’s professionals are experienced and ready to develop efficient, cost-effective, custom-designed packaging solutions for virtually any marketing or distribution requirement. Customers can be assured they will receive a continuous flow of reliable packaging solutions to meet their unique supply chain needs.


Find out more about our new Brown box, green globe sustainability campaign by clicking here.

Find out more about our new Brown bag, green globe campaign by clicking here.

  • Transport Packaging

    We custom design boxes to protect your product throughout the supply chain. Our structural and graphic designers work with you to produce a cost-effective solution to safely package your items.

  • Containerboard, Saturating Kraft

    International Paper encounters and solves the same issues our customers face daily from package design and the role of the package in the manufacturing process to meeting distribution requirements and responding to consumer preferences. We are the world's most diverse producer of containerboard and saturating kraft products that offer best-in-class strength and performance.

  • Bulk Packaging

    Our dry, liquid, and semi-liquid bulk packaging is designed to safely transport bulk items. Bins are custom designed to the product's attributes, are capable of holding 3000 pounds of solids or 330 gallons of liquids, and can be stacked up to six high. Efficiently ship, store, protect and sell products such as agricultural, protein, industrial chemical, and food ingredients in International Paper's bulk packaging.

  • Retail Ready Packaging

    Exciting shelf ready, pallet ready, and point of purchase displays captivates customers, drives inventory turnover, and protects your product. Award winning unique designs are available and customizable to best promote your products in club stores, discount retailers, and high-end department stores.

  • Wax and Wax Alternative Packaging

    We are an industry leader in both wax and recyclable wax alternatives for poultry, red meat, pork, and produce products. Corrugated packaging used in processing lines and refrigerated storage require a moisture barrier to ensure safer stacking, reduced failures, improved handling and enhanced package appearance for your supply chain. Our wax alternatives are certified by the Fibre Box Association as fully recyclable.

  • Kraft Paper Bags

    International Paper offers a broad line of Kraft paper bags – from small bags to large handle sacks.