Printer's Playbook

Follow industry leader and retired International Paper Graphic Arts & Printing Scientist Jim Kohler as he provides a game plan for success. Printer's Playbook™ is a series of short videos and tips to help a printer be more successful.

  • 120 lb Accent Opaque Cover

    Introducing the undisputed, unstoppable and unlaminated king of the print scene - Accent Opaque 120 lb Cover. This bulky heavyweight checks in with a 16.0 caliper and is poised to go the distance with powerful runnability and dazzling printability along with a strong build that absorbs every score, fold and die-cut you can throw at it. Accent Opaque 120 lb Cover scores big points in yield and cost versus those other doubled-up middleweights, making it the leading contender for every postcard, brochure cover, pocket folder, poster and fight card in your camp.

  • Electoral Campaigns

    The presidential and many other local elections are near. An election year is a great time to think about how the candidates will communicate their message to the voters. While many may think the best way to reach the masses is through social media, print continues to be the most effective way to communicate with constituents.

  • Ink Jet Web Printing Expanding Print

    While ink jet technology has been around for many years, its impact has been minimal in the market. This segment will focus on the four major ink jet presses hitting the print market.

  • QR Codes and Microsoft Tags

    Printers can now provide advertising solutions that give customers the emotional connection of print and the swiftness of technology simultaneously by adding a code to the printed piece that re-directs the reader to interactive media. QR Codes, Microsoft Tags and other information generating codes provide consumers with instant access to additional information about the product or service.

  • QR and Code Technology

    It has been estimated that 61% of respondents preferred direct marketing as the preferred method of communication by customers (info Trends). Use these tips and your technology to track marketing Returns on Investment (ROI) while reaching customers and potential customers on a more personal level.

  • Printer's Playbook Archive

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