By adopting the total quality approach:

  • Business is performed on a customer-focused basis, 
  • Constant improvement of customer satisfaction is the aim,
  • An effective quality management system is implemented for continuous development,
  • We accurately accomplish our work at one go, (“Do the right thing, at the first time”) 
  • Quality is the responsibility of all employees


  • Compliance with all applicable national and international laws and regulations 
  • Natural resources are utilized in the most effective and responsible manner,
  • Development and implementation of systems to minimize our impact on the environment, inlcuding waste management 
  • An environmental management system based on continuous development is implemented,
  • Environmental awareness of all employees is actively promoted

HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY (“Workers’ Health & Work Safety Policy” -  WHWS)

A healthy and safe work environment is created in our work locations. Thus:

  • All accidents can be prevented,
  • All accidents are reported, 
  • Through acting in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, the WHWS Management System is continuously developed. Compliance with relevant laws and regulations Health and Safety Management System is promoted.
  • Workers’ Health and Work Safety rules are followed at all times. 
  • All of our employees are responsible for the Health and Safety System 

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