Kwidzyn Mill

International Paper - Kwidzyn Sp. z o.o.
Lotnicza 1
82-500 Kwidzyn
Tel.: +48 (0) 55 279 8000 / Public Relations: +48 55 646 76 10
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Mill History

"We commit ourselves to constantly improve our actions aiming at environment protection in order to decrease the effluent and fume emission levels and to minimize the volume of industrial waste".

The size of the mill and the processes used in the pulp&paper industry require that the best available technology and techniques be employed in order to minimize the environmental impact. As a result of numerous modernizations, the Kwidzyn mill is, to a large extent, able to eliminate pollution at its very source. All manufacturing equipment is outfitted with devices that minimize the emission of pollutants. The mill is committed to constantly improving its environmental performance beyond legal requirements. More…

Living by the principle of "active participation in the life of the community in which we live and work", International Paper and the Kwidzyn mill engages in numerous charitable and other community projects.

IP-Kwidzyn Charity Foundation
Community Support Projects

The Kwidzyn mill manufactures office and offset papers, coated board as well as newsprint and hardwood and softwood pulp. Main product brands include: