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About CMCP

For over 60 years, CMCP (Compagnie Marocaine des Cartons et des Papiers) has been known as a reliable supplier for paper-based packaging products and as a leader in its sector.

Nowadays, CMCP operates 3 facilities in Morocco, located in Casablanca, Kenitra and Agadir, and employs about 1,200 people.

CMCP concentrates on two main business sectors: corrugated boxes and recycled paper and board for various packaging applications. Besides, the company manufactures paper-based corner protection, cores and tubes.

Corrugated products
CMCP is the largest integrated supplier of corrugated boxes in Morocco and we use our own recycled paper to manufacture our products. For segments requiring virgin fibre paper, we can rely on International Paper, the world’s largest kraftliner supplier. This assures our customers of a reliable supply of quality products made out of quality raw materials.

Our product range is large and our capabilities allow us to provide our customers with various packaging solutions, created by a team of enthusiastic professionals constantly working to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our modern and efficient plants help us in the process.

This has been recognized by many customers over the years as we supply corrugated boxes to all of the multinational brand leaders in Morocco in segments like food and beverage, automotive, electronics, ceramics, chemicals and textiles.

Leader in Fruit & Vegetable Packaging
We are a leader in the fresh Fruit & Vegetables (F&V) packaging business and supply corrugated boxes and services to all types of players in the Fruit & Vegetables supply chain (producers, wholesalers and exporters) operating both within the country and internationally.

Thanks to our own brands as well as licensed brands, we are able to meet the technical requirements of each crop. Our corrugated trays and packaging solutions are specially designed to resist tough shipping conditions to destinations as far away as Europe, Russia, China, Canada and the USA.

Especially for our customers in the F&V segment, we have erecting centers located at the heart of the growing areas covering the entire territory of Morocco. We supply - flat or mounted - trays throughout the seasons. At all times, we can meet all customer needs while ensuring the quality of our products as well as very short lead times.

Board products
In our paper mill in Kenitra, one paper machine is dedicated to making recycled packaging board, both coated and uncoated. The product range offers customers a wide choice of product constructions and grammages, available in both roll and sheet form. We can supply the vast majority of our products out of stock or with very short delivery times.

Quality and R&D
CMCP is ISO 9001 certified since 2000 which is another assurance for our customers that they receive the products they have specified. Furthermore, we partner with our customers on the continuous development and improvement of our products. Being part of International Paper, we have access to the company’s vast experience and knowledge in both the EMEA region and the US.

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