Svetogorsk Mill

ZAO International Paper
ul. Zavodskaya 17
188991, Svetogorsk

Tel.: +7 813 78 43 504 / + 358 5 688 4100
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Svetogorsk pulp and paper mill was founded in 1887. It is the central manufacturing enterprise in Svetogorsk and the main employer for its 16 000 population. In December 1998 the enterprise became a part of International Paper company.

Today ZAO International Paper is one of the largest pulp and paper mills in Russia with state of the art technology and equipment. The enterprise is located at 200 hectares of Karelian Isthmus. The production complex comprises three pulp mills, two paper making machines and A3 and A4 cut size paper production.

Environmental issues are indispensable part of ZAO International Paper activity. The company's forest management at lease forest areas is highly rated both in Russia and abroad: in 2001 ZAO International Paper became the first pulp and paper mill in Russia to receive ISO 14001 certificate in forest management and logging.

In 2004 the scope of environmental management under ISO 14001 in ZAO International Paper included the following components of product design, development and manufacturing:  sheet printing paper, printing paper in rolls, offset paper, duplex board for liquid packaging, kraft linerboard, coated board, BCTMP, crude tall oil, crude sulphate turpentine.

In 2009 ZAO International Paper received FSC Chain of Custody certificate (FSC –C022974) and in 2012 FSC Forest Management certificate (FSC-C105866) confirmed high quality of the forest management for the forest area leases in Kirishi, Tosno, Luga, Volosovo and Slantsy districts of Leningrad region.

In 2011 ZAO International Paper acquired a forest harvesting company ZAO "Tikhvinsky Kompleksny Lespromkhoz" also holding FSC Forest Management certificate (FSC-C007155) for since 2006.
In order to comply with FSC  standards for responsible forest management  ZAO  "International Paper" adopted and implemented  in 2009 Woof Purchasing policy, which sets out the principles of environmental and social responsibility in all operations applied to the purchase of wood, and in 2012 signed Self-Declaration for the purpose of the association with the FSC policy.

Svetogorsk Mill of ZAO International Paper provides support for educational, medical and cultural regional programs for which the company spent more than 7 million dollars.

Community support projects

ZAO International Paper is one of the leading companies in Russia producing high quality printing paper (Ballet Premier, Ballet Classic, Ballet Universal, SvetoCopy) and liquid packaging board.

Products manufactured at ZAO International Paper:

  • Liquid packaging board
  • Coated board
  • Kraft linerboard
  • Printing paper in rolls
  • Sheet printing paper
  • Offset paper
  • Crude tall oil
  • Crude sulphate turpentine

BCTMP, printing paper in rolls and sheets and offset paper have certificates of compliance as result of successful voluntary certification.

ZAO International Paper holds certificates for compliance with ISO 9001 (quality management system, starting 2000), ISO 14001 (environmental management system, starting 2004), OHSAS 18001 (labour safety management system, starting 2006), ISO 22000 (food product safety management system for liquid packaging duplex board, kraft linerboard, coated board for food packaging, starting 2006), FSC certificates (Chain of Custody, starting 2009, and Forest Management, starting 2012).