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Indonesia Batam Box Plant

International Paper (Indonesia Batam) earns an outstanding reputation on the local market.

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Tel:  +62 7 78711011

Fax: +62 7 78711010

Address: Jalan Hang Kesturi, No 1,Lot B039, Kuang Hwa,  Industrial Zone, Kabil Centre, Pulau Batam, Indonesia.

International Paper is committed to respecting, protecting and improving the environment. This means compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and that business is conducted in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

It provides that energy is used wisely and efficiently, technology is employed to minimize any risk of environmental impact and environmental performance is continuously monitored, reported and improved. It also ensures that International Paper uses no wood from endangered forests, and verifies that only wood fibre from sustainably managed forests are used in the company’s products.

Corrugated Carton


Litho printing packaging


QMS: ISO 9000 : 2000

EMS: ISO 14001 : 2004