Luiz Antônio Mill

Built in 1996, the Luiz Antônio mill was incorporated into the IP business portfolio in 2006.

Pulp production capacity – 410,000 tons a year
Non-coated paper production capacity – 360,000 tons a year
Paper machines – 2

At the Luiz Antônio unit International Paper runs environmental programs that have changed the local community.

Our Environmental Education and Awareness Program (PECA) includes 2,000 students and teachers. In addition, the Recycling Program, which aims to enlarge and systematize recycling in the Luiz Antônio municipality, the work done by the recycling garbage collectors has increased the number of people involved in people getting involved, the implantation of recycling in 100% of the city, 40% reduction in waste sent to landfill sites, and an improvement in the quality of material collected, increasing its sale price by 20%.

In the project Water Guardians the focus is awareness of rational use of water resources. The project, designed for students in the municipal public school network heads of households, educates through talks and activities on conscientious use of water. In the project Green Guardians, the objective is to train adolescents in the municipalities of São Simão and Guatapará, near to Luiz Antônio, in nursery work. During the year, 65 adolescents were trained and 37,000 native tree cuttings produced which will be used in reforestation.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001


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