Programs and Benefits

The purpose of the Remuneration and Benefits Program is to compensate International Paper professionals in a competitive, balanced, and motivational manner, focused on performance and collective and individual merit.

To encourage and motivate its professionals, IP runs incentive programs with compensation plans applied to different career levels, involving short, medium and long-term mechanisms. There is a specific program for recognition and compensation of outstanding professionals who exceed the pre-established objectives and who produce differentiated work: The Special Recognition Awards (SRA).

International Paper also offers programs and benefits focused on its employees’ quality of life and well-being. Chief amongst these are:

- Profit sharing
- Private pension complementing the loan program
- Medical assistance
- Supermarket card
- Group life insurance
- Drugstore benefit
- Transport vouchers
- Meal vouchers
- Restaurants in the mills
- Crèche support
- Sick pay
- School kit for employees’ children
- Support for employees with special-needs children
- Christmas hamper and toys
- Educational and language grants
- Employee club