A Matter Of Credentials
The International Paper EMEA Sustainability Story

Words Speak but Actions Thunder

International Paper has a clear set of voluntary sustainability goals that fall under four key headings.

Improving Our FootprintOPEN

Ensuring we report transparently on the management of our environmental footprint.

  • 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 using 2010 baseline
  • 15% energy efficiency improvement in purchased energy use by 2020
  • 10% reduction in criteria pollutant emissions by aligning with our energy efficiency initiatives (EEI)
  • Accident-free workplace
  • Measure and report on our charitable support for education, literacy and health and human services in the communities where we operate


Supporting the recycling of paper and packaging where it makes economic sense and is consistent with the product being fit for purpose.

  • 15% increase in the recovery of Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) by exploring new sources and diverting useable fibre from the landfill

Managing Natural ResourcesOPEN

Ensuring that natural resources (our vital raw materials) are managed in a sustainable and responsible manner.

  • 15% global increase in third-party certified fibre volume
  • Reduce fibre loss in the manufacturing process by achieving world-class performance of less than 0.75% fibre loss
  • 15% reduction in mill wastewater discharges of oxygen depleting substances to receiving streams
  • Map water usage through our manufacturing locations by 2013; develop site-specific plans by 2015 in strategic watershed areas to reduce use by 2020


Designing sustainability into all our product development and marketing.

  • Assess options to reduce the generation and disposal of manufacturing waste from our processes by 2013
  • Establish baseline supply chain performance and implement plans to improve by 2013