A Matter Of Credentials
The International Paper EMEA Sustainability Story

Designing Sustainability Into Product Development & Marketing

Using recycled fibres is the cornerstone in our corrugated packaging business in EMEA while many of the paper grades we produce are best manufactured from fresh fibres generated from sustainably managed forests.

When it comes to product development and marketing, we work to five eco-design rules:

1 Improve the sustainability of material. Can we substitute a less sustainable material with a more sustainable one?
2 Decrease material use. Can we design with less basis weight? Can we design with less surface area?
3 Improve the sustainability of secondary material. Can we make more use of sustainable inks, glues or additives? Can we reduce the need for secondary materials?
4 Improve the sustainability of fibre sourcing. We always use fibre from sustainably managed forests.
5 Decrease logistics impact. Can we design to improve truckload? Can we design with greater protection and avoid damage throughout the full supply chain?