Why is it important to manage forests?

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What threatens U.S. forests?

Threats to U.S. forests Development is not the only thing that threatens our forests. Forests "left to themselves" face many risks to their health. Responsible forest management can help protect forests, but it costs private landowners money. When we use paper, we help create the income they need to keep our forests healthy while providing maximum benefits to us all.

Today, third-party certification is helping ensure that more of our forests are managed sustainably. This means that independent organizations have developed standards of responsible forest management and independent auditors issue certificates to forest operations that comply with those standards - verifying that forests are well-managed to balance human and ecological needs for future generations. When you choose paper products that are third-party certified to one of the credible standards, you support private landowners in managing forests responsibly.

"Sustainable forest management is considered as one of the most important contributions which the forestry sector can make to the sustainable development objectives of any nation, particularly those richly endowed with forest." FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS (FAO)