End use segments:

Dry food packaging

Alaska Plus is an ideal choice for any dry food packaging. High bulk and stiffness assure improved durability in packaging and uncompromised protection of the food product throughout the whole value chain: in transport, in stock, on the shelf and in subsequent use. Alaska Plus was designed to perform effectively in high speed production and packaging lines and brings outstanding efficiencies to high volume production.

Alaska Plus also has high material purity and it is produced 100% from virgin fibers.

Furthermore, with a step-change in lightweighting Alaska Plus allows to reduce the material cost significantly. So it’s an efficient and economic choice for your packaging. And a green one too - the lighter weight of the packaging is lighter on the environment!

Alaska Plus features:

  • ISEGA certificate for dry food contact
  • High cleanliness and material purity, produced 100% from virgin fibers
  • High stiffness and durability for strong product protection