End use segments:

Chocolate & confectionery packaging

Alaska Plus provides perfect protection and great visual appeal to chocolate & confectionery packaging. Thanks to its high stiffness and strength, the product is solidly protected in transport, on the shelf and in final use. With great folding and scoring characteristics, Alaska Plus supports the most creative packaging shapes and designs to catch consumers’ attention. It has excellent printing results and an ideal surface quality to enable the most demanding finishing techniques.

At the same time, Alaska Plus brings you real savings thanks to its drastically lower weight. You can pay less for the same amount of boxes than before with Alaska or produce more boxes for the same cost.
Alaska Plus offers you a strong yet light way of packaging.

Alaska Plus features:

  • ISEGA certificate for dry food contact
  • Excellent folding characteristics for the most demanding packaging designs
  • Great performance in high-end finishing techniques like hot and cold foil stamping as well as cast & cure