About Alaska Plus

About Alaska Plus

Excellent as always - lighter than ever!

Introducing Alaska Plus lightweight GC2 board with unparalleled benefits

Alaska Plus is our new lightweight GC2 coated paperboard, which responds directly to the growing demand for economically attractive and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions. Alaska Plus uses fewer raw materials and produces less waste, thereby decreasing the environmental impact throughout the product’s life cycle. It also reduces cost through the value chain starting from lower material cost all the way to reduced disposal fees thanks to the lower weight of the packaging.

Alaska Plus combines the benefits of our renowned Alaska board: the same great stiffness, excellent strength and durability – as well as the industry-leading quality consistency that brings reliability for high volume packaging production and fast speed packing lines. Now with a revolutionary light basis weight.


Folding Boxboard GC2 one side coated paperboard, uncoated manila backside
Produced in the International Paper Kwidzyn mill in Poland
Produced from 100% virgin fibres


PTS / FFIP certificate for inkjet coding
ISEGA certificate for EU countries allowing food applications
FSC® certificate on request and subject to availability
Robinson test certificates on request
PZH (Polish National Institute for Hygiene) certificate allowing food applications

Suitable for following printing techniques

flexographic printing

Excellent for following finishing techniques

Dispersion varnish
UV varnish
UV relief varnish
Iriodin varnish
Cold stamping
Hot stamping
Holographic film (Cast&Cure)
Fluorescent ink
Micro text
Braille text
Soft touch varnish
Flock in